Veteran specific or veteran inclusive:

FinanceUSAA MBA Career Development Program

FinanceGoldman Sachs 2012 Veterans Internship Program: 2012 application over.

Anyone qualifies:

ConsultingDeloitte Consulting Immersion Program

Consulting/ResearchInstitute of Defense Analysis Summer Associate

FinanceFederal Reserve Bank of New York Graduate Summer Analyst Program

GovernmentDepartment of Commerce

Government: Department of Treasury Office of Economic PolicyOffice of International Affairs: Only open to undergraduates this summer


DiversifiedFacebook (New York City)


Companies that absolutely do not offer pre-MBA internships:


Valve Software

4 thoughts on “Internships

  1. alan

    how did you find these programs? When i search for programs for Pre-MBA at these companies/organizations, I cant find anything?

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Alan,

      Google helped a little, but I’ve learned that pre-MBA internships are pretty much 95% about networking. I find one or two new opportunities a week just by asking around through my contacts. For example, I just found the name of the person in charge of veteran affairs at JP Morgan, so he’s trying to help me out. Not sure of the outcome, but it is a start.

      1. alan

        thanks so much for the quick reply. for the programs at apple and facebook, are they formal programs like the ones at deloitte?

        1. admin Post author

          Well, I’m not sure if Apple or Facebook provides pre-MBA internships. I do know that certain business units within Amazon don’t, as I interviewed there. The only advice I can provide is that most HR departments are not really flexible and it might be better to just find someone who has hiring authority within a business unit at Apple or Facebook and they will make it happen via HR. Asking HR or submitting resumes through websites is not going to work at all, because it usually ends up in HR’s inbox, not a business unit lead.


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