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Tech Companies:
Amazon: mainly fulfillment / area manager jobs for non-MBAs, finance/operations/product management for MBAs
Google: No specific veterans page set up, but you can email if you see a specific job you like and have more interest. They also attended the MBA Veterans Conference in 2012.

McKinsey: McKinsey’s Veteran Transition Workshops are great. I attended one but I can’t seem to find a link to it. Once you are in the whole recruiting season, you’ll be able to find out more about these from  your school…..if they keep on top of things.
Boston Consulting Group: Once again, I can’t find a specific link, but veterans at BCG exist. You just need to dig deeper depending on the practice you are looking for, etc.
BainVeterans at Bain is their affinity group. They are very responsive and I ended up getting to meet Bain consultants in London and other cities just because I sent them an email. No resume required – they are really looking out for you.
Deloitte: consulting (government)
PWC: consulting (government)
Booz Allen: consulting (government)
Accenture: consulting (government)…do you begin to see a trend here?

Rotational Leadership Programs
GE: junior officer leadership program (JOLP)- this is for those with a technical background, leadership rotational programs = grooming for future leadership, not many companies have leadership rotational programs specifically for veterans
USAA:  junior military officer – career development program specifically located in San Antonio, TX. Another great leadership rotational program. Note: link is to specific job, this link might expire when job posting expires.

Oil and Gas
Shell:  Operations and logistics
Chevron: Operations and logistics

Investment Banking
Every bulge bracket bank. More details to come.

Sales & Trading
You are in luck. Almost every bulge bracket bank’s trading floor is run by veterans at some level. It is almost unfair to our civilian peers. S&T probably has THE strongest veterans networking in any industry.

Companies that may exclusively

Walmart: store managers, corporate headquarters
JPMorgan Chase: retail bank jobs

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