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The Case for Multiple Internships

Last month, WSJ had a really great article titled, “Internships Are Increasingly the Route to Winning a Job” and it is happening not only in investment banking or consulting. I am doing two internships this summer and I loved one and hated the other. You will never get the chance again in your life to do two different jobs in such a short span of time. I should note that it is very unconventional and a pain in the ass to execute. But if you try to pick two very different internships, you can confirm some thoughts you’ve had about a particular industry or function.

As I move onto the second year of my MBA, I hope I will have more time to update this blog.


2013 Credit Suisse MBA Military Boot Camp – Deadline May 17

Hey everyone, I went to this event last summer. It was absolutely instrumental in helping me understand the differences between investment banking, sales & trading, and private banking. This is a great program and Credit Suisse is one of the companies most supportive of veterans. Please do apply.


Have you considered life on Wall Street after life in the Military? Do you have questions about the transition to corporate life? The Credit Suisse MBA Military Boot Camp offers advice, support, and networking opportunities for veterans.

Program Details:

  • ·         The program is for military veterans who are MBA candidates entering a full-time, 2 year MBA program in fall 2013.
  • ·         Participants spend a full day at Credit Suisse in New York, July 25, 2013, with expenses covered up to $150.
  • ·         Program provides an inside view of financial services. Participants will also meet members of the Credit Suisse Veterans’ Network and hear from veterans who have successfully transitioned to Wall Street.

Apply online by May 17, 2013. To apply, click here

For additional information, please contact

2013 Beat The GMAT Scholarship: Deadline May 13, 2013!

The 8th Annual Beat The GMAT scholarship is now accepting applications.

Since 2006, Beat The GMAT has distributed more than $200,000 in scholarships and prizes to MBA applicants from all over the globe, including the U.S. and Canada, South America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

For the 2013 competition, there will be eight GMAT and MBA consulting packages awarded.  Each winner will receive a $250 voucher for GMAT registration fees, a full GMAT test prep course, and MBA admissions consulting services. The following companies made generous donations to make these prizes possible: AcceptU, Admit Advantage, Admissionado, Clear Admit, GMAT Prep Now, GMAT Tutor by The Economist, Kaplan, Knewton, Manhattan GMAT, MBA Admit, mbaMission, The Princeton Review, Stratus Prep, and Veritas Prep.

Beat The GMAT is now accepting applications until May 13, 2013. Winners will be announced on May 20, 2013. To learn more or to apply for the 2013 Beat The GMAT scholarship, please visit:

Applicants can receive exclusive updates and winner announcements for the 2013 scholarship competition by visiting Beat The GMAT on Facebook.

Update on GI Bill for CFA

Just received my reimbursement from the VA today. Apparently, you can’t get reimbursed for tests that you took more than one year ago (I took multiple tests). I delayed submitting my form because I wasn’t sure if it was worth it or not in terms of saving my GI Bill for future graduate programs but in an earlier post. I was wrong.

After just thinking about what a two-year graduate degree means (especially MBA), it is highly unlikely that you will delay your earnings any further into the future. Therefore, any way you can maximize your GI benefits now, the better. So go ahead and pay for your exams (GMAT, CFA, anything else). You can check out the GI bill section to get more information.

I went from 27 month and 3 days of benefits remaining to 25 months and 3 days benefits remaining for a reimbursement for $1,302.18. I’m not sure if it was worth 2 months of benefits, it seems like they rounded up. But then again, this $1,302.18 is worth much more to me now then potentially getting a second degree in the future an getting future BAH of probably $2500+ and paying for tuition. Just my thoughts.

Something to think about for you guys entering the class of 2015

The yields this year for banking, consulting, and other traditional industries have been extremely low and very competitive across all top 16 schools. I don’t have any raw figures to show and as you can imagine, no schools publish raw statistics.

Ironically, the career field that did surprisingly well was Sales and Trading. I’m not sure if that is going to translate into anything for fall recruiting this year but part of the reason for S&T’s success was the low level of people even trying to recruit.

And being a veteran helps so much in S&T because a lot of top traders ARE ex-veterans, a lot of special ops-type guys. Just wanted to throw that out there.

You should all start thinking about a pre-MBA summer internship as I think it is very helpful. “Switching careers” isn’t as easy as it normally is during a great economy so you really need to have as much meat on your resume to be successful to switch into any career.

My mind is blown

I’m in a movie theater in Charlotte having a cocktail in a seat that I had to pick specifically when you purchase tickets (like in London) and there is a restaurant / club here as well. My mind is totally blown right now because this experience is something that is outside of what i considered a night out at the theatre. Imagine what other seemingly “ordinary” business ideas are out there? And the stuffed peppers ain’t so bad either.