I am a former junior officer who separated from the military in 2010. I’ve had my fair share of successes and failures. I want you to make the right moves that I did and avoid the missteps I’ve taken.

I’m being overly cryptic about myself because I’m providing the most candid advice that I truly believe in. This usually makes other organizations angry with me. I sponsor no organization, company, or school. I am fully independent.

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  1. Branden Wong

    Your website is awesome, it is almost like reading an exact replica of where I have been and what I would like to do. Quick blurb about me: I graduated USMA ’08, went to Korea (met my wife) in ’09, moved to the Arizona for the career course in Arizona in ’11, PCS’d to Hawaii in ’12, and I am currently deployed to Iraq. My current “glide path” is to return to Hawaii this Spring/Summer, apply to MBA programs during first round of ’13, and hopefully start class in fall ’14.
    I know you must be super busy with grad school, family, etc… but I wanted to drop you a line let you know that your posts are very helpful.

  2. Kevin


    I stumbled across the blog while trying to do research for the BAML diversity fellowship. I am a former JMO going to CBS in the fall, and would like to hear more about your perspectives and experiences. Really enjoyed the blog.


    1. admin Post author


      Congrats on CBS! The BAML pre-MBA fellowship (which I think is what you are talking about?) was a great way to get a job before you even start school. Even if you don’t get it, you get great insights from currently associates in investment banking that will help you throughout the fall recruiting process. I’m not sure if BAML is a big recruiter on CBS or not (each bank is different) but if they are not, this is one opportunity for you to connect with them.

      If you have any other questions, please let me know.



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