Done with the GMAT (700). CFA, you’re next!

Nothing feels better than chucking your CFA in the trash (recycling bin of course). I was aiming for a 720 but I got a 700, so no complaints here as I’ve broken the “elusive 700 barrier” that MBA programs say they don’t care about but they obviously do. The only bad news is that this is only a minor increase from my 680 from 2 years ago, however I did dramatically increase my quant section, which was weak. I’ll send the score along with a career update to my waitlisted schools and see how it goes.


I must admit that I did meet the most incompetent test center administrator today. I was the tenth person to show up at 7:40 AM for a 8:00 AM scheduled exam. I didn’t get in until 8:30 AM because the administrator didn’t know how to use the camera to take our pictures. Wow. And the guy sitting next to me waiting had the craziest case of sniffles – it was kind of gross. He kept sniffing like my dog. Anyways. One thing I regret not practicing enough is time management on the quant section, I basically guessed the last 4 questions and if I managed my time better, I had a good shot at 720 or above. On the verbal, I had 25 minutes left at the end which meant I could probably do better and didn’t have to rush through the early part. I had so much time left for the last 10 questions, I literally played out every scenario in my mind and I think that helped me.


I also want to mention that I completely skipped the writing section since I’m a published writer and the MBA programs know that already. So in my particular section, I didn’t need the writing section to calm my nerves or to expend¬†unnecessary¬†brain power on something that is kind of funny if you think about it – a computer grading a writing assessment. You get a 8 minute break between sections but I felt pretty good about everything and took 2 minutes to get over the fact that I guessed the last 4 on the quant and went straight at the verbal.


I took a Veritas prep course for $1,500+ and I have to say that the money was pretty well justified (even if it was only for a 20 point increase) just because of gaining a better philosophy for test taking. Furthermore, I could have just gotten lucky the first time (680) as I wasn’t really studying in Afghanistan.


I’ll have more reflections after the CFA tomorrow. Speaking of the CFA, for the past week, I’ve been reading the Schweser tri-fold when I wake up and before I sleep. It is a great overview of everything that is covered on the CFA exam

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