Why I Withdrew My Offer from Ross

The bottom line is that Ross isn’t compatible with my top two post-MBA career choices, which I narrowed down to entrepreneurship and finance.


For entrepreneurship, I’ve had candid discussions with current students focusing on entrepreneurship and the consensus was location, location, location – San Fran, Boston, or New York. San Fran is great for both pure tech-related startups as well as startups that require you to physically create something, say, Iron Man, since I just saw the movie. Boston is leading medical startups as well as strong physical creations and tech. New York is definitely up and coming but seems to be purely focused on technology startups, for now.


For finance, I spoke with investment banking recruiters from five of the top banks and they have all told me that they have decreased recruiting efforts at Ross simply due to the fact that Michigan is a little far to get to and they have to concentrate their budgets elsewhere.


Don’t get me wrong – Ross is a fantastic school and I’m sure I’ll get some death threats after this post, but I did notice that companies like Amazon, the consulting firms, and other customer product firms were huge recruiters at Ross. I just think that in this economy, banks have to pull back recruiting efforts and there are just a ton of great schools in the Northeast or West Coast to choose from without extensive travelling by recruiting teams. For entrepreneurship, the talent that you want to hire is probably going to be located in a big city like San Fran, Boston, or New York. I’m sure you can do something great at Ann Arbor too, but statistically, it is just better to be in a big city.

5 thoughts on “Why I Withdrew My Offer from Ross

  1. Betsy Massar

    Hi Army JMO, this is an eye-opening blog post — I guess the question is, where did you decide to go and how do you think it will help boost your future career? (If you answered it in a previous post, I surely apologize. I want to keep up!)

    Your readers want to hear more!

    Betsy Massar

    1. admin Post author

      Still hashing a few details out…Hail Mary GMAT in June and we’ll see how the waitlist goes vs. offers :)

      1. Betsy Massar

        Good luck! You are invincible on the GMAT — never heard of anyone doing that, and I bet it will be worth your while.
        Glad also to see that you are promoting the Fidelis event. I met them here in San Francisco, and they are the real deal.

  2. James Correa

    ArmyJMO — sooo … I am under the assumption you are keeping your MBA destination of choice a secret, correct? I would love to hear what school you ended up choosing. Personally, I am not headed down finance path but a basis for comparison is always welcomed. Of course, if you are trying to remain completely anonymous I suppose just a label would work i.e. Top 3, M7, Metropolitan Sweet Sixteen, etc.


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